How to Hang a Tapestry

First of all, how to hang a Tapestry to create an ideal atmosphere?

First, remember to think carefully about the installation of your tapestry because unlike other wall decorations, the tapestry will be able to adapt everywhere, so the question that arises is, what atmosphere are you looking for for your space? Then comes the perfect place to put it.

Here we detail some of the ways you can install it in the best possible way.

Fastening with nails and tacks is the easiest method.

This is probably the simplest method here, although it requires leaving a hole in the wall so not necessarily ideal if you are renting your home. 2 solutions are available to you, using nails or thumbtacks although these are certainly less solid, but easier to remove if you wish to change the hanging and recreate an atmosphere.

Let’s go, for this a very simple little illustration of what you need:

Here you just need to fix each end of your wall hanging. To prevent the middles of the tapestry from stretching, consider adding ties along the side.

Another tip: You can add a plastic or wooden panel to the back of the upper part of the curtain so that it does not warp and therefore remains rigid.

Now all you have to do is admire the result of your work and why not, for example, complete the whole thing with a few accessories to personalize the decor such as family photos using clips and string or even place some garlands on it to show it off even more.

Accrocher une tenture murale au mur
Accrocher une tenture murale au mur

Fixing on a curtain rod

The advantage of this technique is that it saves you from drilling holes in your wall and opens the way to other locations that could complete your decor. It can also be ideal if you plan to use your curtain to separate a room or hide a corner where objects are piled up that spoil the aesthetic side of the room.

In addition, it should be noted that this type of installation allows a space between the fabric and the wall, which protects your decorative accessory from moisture coming from the wall.

For this simple realization, you will need this:

make sure you buy the command strips big enough for two hooks because you have to take two of the little velcro and stick them together. One will go on the wall the other will go on the back of your hook, it should hold up pretty well, you can fit three or even four to make it even stronger.

Then all you have to do is hang everything from the ceiling with your curtain rod, you can stick up to 6 of them to reinforce everything because your hanging can be quite heavy and can enjoy an ethnic and colorful touch in your room. your whole room.


A word of advice: You can also opt for an even simpler method which consists of taking a hanging already made as curtains in our workshops, allowing you to have an impeccable final result without hooks sticking out.


NB: If these solutions cause you problems because drilling a wall can sometimes be quite difficult when it is very hard, we have dedicated an article to you on how to hang your wall hanging on a concrete wall.

How to hang a Tapestry without making holes?

We have seen so far, two ways to be able to install your hanging using nails or to have to install hooks for the curtains, but how to do it when you do not want to damage a healthy wall or leave traces? What if I have to fix it on a concrete wall?

We detail here several solutions to help you fix simply without degrading anything.

Fastening with Velcro adhesives

Accrocher tenture murale avec des languettes


Here, you will only need a few strips and clothespins and you’re done.

To do this, start by cutting the fasteners to have a width similar to the clothes hooks. Then put each strip on one side of each clamp. Now all you have to do is attach the pins to the wall with the other end of the adhesive and pinch the ends of your wall hanging to finally see the result.

Moreover, if you have Velcro at home, it is also possible to use it to install your fabric. This would also be the best method if you want to attach the accessory to the ceiling. In addition, if you want to wash your curtain, you just have to peel off the other end of the strip and you can clean it without fear of damaging the Velcro.


Fixing with strong magnets

A little-known yet extremely practical solution. You can hang the hanging in the easiest way in the world and change your mind with the snap of a finger. But for that, no question of taking your simple fridge magnets.

Do you know neodymium magnets? These are the strongest magnets you can get. And that’s what we use to hang the drapes and take our pictures, plus they’re very easy to find online and cost next to nothing.

So if you have a metal structure like any other shelving, why deprive yourself of it? You can also use this method to provisionally determine your location before making it final if you wish.

Do not be fooled by their size, the fact that they are so powerful will allow you to have almost invisible fasteners.

Use your curtain as a simple decorative element

You have seen here how to install your hanging vertically against a wall or as a curtain, but according to your desires, you can also give free rein to your imagination because the hanging is not simply a wall decoration element but can also be used many ways, here are a few:

  • As a sofa top to give it a facelift
  • As a yoga mat for example
  • As a bed sheet. You have large size ones that will fit the largest beds
  • As an original tablecloth
  • Etc… Your imagination is your only limit

And why not on the ceiling? We’ve dedicated an entire article to you on the best way to hold it that way. You can find this article here: How to put my curtain on the ceiling.


You are now ready to find the best way to highlight your tapestry hanging!

As you will have understood, it is therefore much more than a simple element of wall decoration. Your hanging, depending on how you have chosen to install it, can completely change the appearance of your space and create a decor that will stick as closely as possible to your style, whether you are more bohemian or hippie.

With all these ways to install your wall hanging in mind, you have now become an expert in imagining the best location to showcase your future as best as possible.

Take the time to choose yours and imagine how you can take full advantage of your future hanging to create a space of your own.

It is with this vision that we offer you a wide range that can exactly match your taste and your style.

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