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Cool Tapestries

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Modern Cool Tapestry

If You Want Something Fantastic, Go Get Yourself a Tapestry

Wall tapestry. Illuminate your space with the vivid colors of a wall tapestry. Trippy, hippie, psychedelic, cool tapestries you can vibe. Made of silky polyester material.

Cool tapestry on the wall truly can do it all. They’re lightweight to hang on the wall, durable to use as a tablecloth and vivid colors make it an eye-catching outdoor blanket. Keep an extra tapestry or two in the trunk of your car for spontaneous park hangs or to set the scene for a meal on the go. Available in four sizes.

Tapestry is woven decorative fabric, the design of which is built up in the course of weaving. Broadly, the name has been used for almost any heavy material, handwoven, machine woven, or even embroidered, used to cover furniture, walls, or floors or for the decoration of clothing. Since the 18th and 19th centuries, however, the technical definition of the tapestry has been narrowed to include only heavy, reversible, patterned, or figured handwoven textiles, usually in the form of hangings or upholstery fabric.

They’re an excellent addition to any space, but they’re best hung where they can make the biggest impact. We love to display them above a couch, bed, mantle, OR on a smaller wall where it can create an almost-wallpaper effect.

Just because they’re called “wall tapestries” doesn’t mean they’re not multifunctional. We’ve seen some seriously amazing tapestry tricks including:

– covering up your comforter for a quick refresh
– serving as the perfect tablecloth
– pinned around an old headboard for a bold new look
– hung up like a dream selfie backdrop

Cool Tapestries

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